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Blue Paws Bandana

Blue Paws Bandana

Choose from two great options: collar slip on style or snap-on style!


Collar slip bandanas slide over your dog's collar to ensure that they don't lose it on their adventures.

Snap on bandanas are a great way to make your pup look cute with no collar needed! 



All bandanas are machine washable and made from 100% cotton. Please lay flat to dry. 

  • Handmade Item

    Please note, this item is handmade and imperfections or variations in pattern may exist from time-to-time. If you ever feel that the imperfection has drastically decreased your dog's ability to look cute, or has impacted the item's functionality please feel free to reach out. Picture of the item in question must be sent within 24 hours of delivery and must not show signs of wear and tear. 

  • How to select the right size?

    Snap on bandanas are less forgiving when it comes to the sizing for your dog. Please measure your dog's current collar or their neck to get the most appropriate size. If you unsure, please size up. 

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